Pallet wood upcycle!

Pallet wood upcycle!

How to make a unique notice board from pallet wood

We came across a beautiful old frame in one of the flea markets we attend and I knew I wanted to do something different with it. I set about looking for inspiration on Pinterest, a great website for ideas.

I needed a notice board for my workshops, so with a bit of creativity one soon came to life.

If you'd like to have a go, here's the recipe!


An old frame

Pallet wood cut to fit the frame

Various napkins for decoupage

Frenchic Chalk Paint for the frame

Frenchic Finishing Coat to apply decoupage and seal it too

Clear & White Wax for the frame



Small pegs

Nail gun.

Electric sander (optional)

Do any remedial repairs needed to the frame and then give it two coats of Frenchic Chalk Paint, I used the colour 'Mother Duck', a beautiful duck egg blue.

  • Break up the pallet and cut pieces to fit the size of the frame
  • Choose however many different tissue napkins you need for the number of pieces of pallet wood you have, I needed 7. Use Frenchic Finishing Coat to stick the napkins to the wood and then, when dry, seal the napkins using Finishing Coat once again (Don’t forget to remove the two backing layers from the napkins before applying)
  • Once everything is dry use an electric sander to sand and distress the napkins, revealing some of the wood and giving it all a more rustic feel (optional)
  • Apply a further coat of Finishing Coat to ensure the napkins are perfectly sealed
  • The pallet wood can then be nail gunned to the back of the frame
  • Apply clear and white wax to seal the chalk paint and define the frame’s carvings
  • Apply eyelets to either side of the frame, as many as you wish
  • Tie jute string from one side to the other between the eyelets
  • Apply small pegs

That’s it!

I’m using this one, in my shop at Doodledash Interiors, to display upcoming workshop dates and other info.

Give it a go and make sure you post the finished item to my Doodledash page on Facebook, I’d love to see it!

If you'd like to learn any of these techniques just pop in to the shop in Parson's Street, Banbury where I will give you some #doodletips or maybe book one of my workshops at

 Happy doodling!

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