A quick mirror chalk paint upcycle!

A quick mirror chalk paint upcycle!

So, you've got an old gilt mirror that you've had for ages but doesn't really go with your colour scheme? Don't despair, change it up using Frenchic Chalk Paint!

I bought this pretty little mirror back from France but it didn't really shout 'French' to me!

So, this is what I did with it...took less than half an hour and not a lot of paint. You could do it too!

Step 1.

Sugar soap to clean

Sugar soap to clean

Step 2.

Base coat of Frenchic Lady Grey

Paint in Frenchic Lady Grey

Step 3.

Over brush with Frenchic Panther

Dry Brush with Frenchic Panther

Step 4.

Once dry, use Frenchic White Wax straight on.

Use Frenchic White Wax to seal the Chalk Paint

Step 5.

Lightly distress

Step 6.

Buff the wax to give a lovely sheen.

Buff the wax to a lovely sheen

This would work with any colour combination, or even a single colour. You could change up your photo frames to match too! Go on, give it a try :)

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