Frenchic Finishing Coat

Frenchic Finishing Coat

Frenchic Finishing Coat - The Magic Potion!


Did you know that water resistant Frenchic Finishing Coat (FC) is nicknamed 'The Magic Potion'? Why? Because it has a multitude of uses!

Yep, it serves as a Finishing Coat that can be applied over painted or unpainted pieces by using sponge or brush leaving a slight sheen; it also helps prevent bleed thru by applying a couple of coats over a pesky bleed; extra protection over a high traffic area, as a primer before painting a potentially bleedy item or metal; as an image transfer medium; it can be mixed with any of the Frenchic colours to create a glaze by wiping off the excess - fab over detailing to highlight; mix it with Frensheen to create a metallic paint, make mouldings for furniture by mixing with Frensheen and allowing to set in baking moulds and last but not least, it is AMAZING for decoupaging!!

No need to use ModgePodge or PVA glue - FC is fab for positioning, adhering and sealing your napkin or rice paper by using a small sponge.

And guess what else! It's EN:71-3 (certified safe to use even on childrens toys) with no toxins, no solvents and no odour!

For the record: Frenchic Finishing Coat is made without any chemical solvent from non-poisonous materials, in an ecologically beneficial way, preventing water pollution. Thanks to its composition, it is virtually innocuous for people and the environment.

Magic Potion? That's Frenchic Finishing Coat! #toxinfree #hastobeFrenchic

To see how to use it as an image transfer medium, check out our blog on the process here.

If you'd like to buy it, you can do  that HERE


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