Doodledash Stencilling Tips

Doodledash Stencilling Tips
I'm constantly being asked for perfect stencilling tips, so here goes . . .
• Firstly, seal your piece and allow to dry. Sealing first will allow you to wipe the stencil off easily without damaging your paintwork if you make a mistake.
• With your stencil in place (I use a low-tack masking tape or spray mount to secure) dip a soft, small, short bristle stippling brush into the paint and knock most of the paint off onto paper towel.
• Hold your brush at a 90-degree angle (straight up) to the stencil and gently stipple. Work your way across the stencil replenishing your paint when necessary.
• When you've finished, gently peel one end of the stencil back to check that you've got the coverage you’re looking for.
• Small amounts of bleed can be gently wiped away with a damp Q-tip. If you're unhappy with the finish wipe the areas your unhappy with clean with a wet wipe and allow to dry before you try again.
• When you’re happy with your stencilling, leave to dry and then gently cover with Clear Wax or Finishing Coat to seal, depending on the look you are aiming for and the use of the item eg. Use Frenchic Finishing Coat if the item will come into contact with heat/water.
• Don’t forget to preserve your stencil by wiping it clean afterwards. I place my stencils over a piece of kitchen paper and wipe with a wet wipe. The excess paint on the stencil will gradually work through onto the towel leaving an imprint. I would recommend you do this for both sides of the stencil.
Now stand back and marvel at your success!
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