Posted @withregram • @justacard PLEASE...

Posted @withregram • @justacard PLEASE...
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We’re posting this image as it directly relates to exciting things happening here very soon. We know you’ll love to be part of our plans, as the aim is to help share and promote your work and business.

As this image shows it’s tough to be seen on Insta at the moment isn’t it ?! , and we also hear sales are somewhat slow, so we’ve devised a super splendid plan, with the help of a very good friend, to get you seen, and hopefully (if you take part), get more followers and likes. All will be clear soon - so WATCH THIS SPACE…..but make sure you have your JUST A CARD pins/resources at the ready because you’re going to need them.

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Let’s do this. Let’s have some FUN! Are you ready??!

We’re not sure who’s image this is - if you know please enlighten us as we always like to give credit!

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Image from Doodledash Interiors

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