Pimp your pumpkins!

Pimp your pumpkins!
Halloween fun with pumpkins!
So who saw the ITV This Morning programme with Phil & Holly the other day. They were pimping pumpkins and featured Frenchic Frensheen to help add a touch of metallic sparkle to your creation.
I decided to have a go at doing mine and took photos of the process along the way. 
Items needed:
Frenchic Gold and Silver Frensheen
Frenchic Clear Wax
Iron Orchid Decor Mould - Feathers and Wings
Iron Orchid Air Dry Clay


As I have just become a UK Stockist for the fab Iron Orchid Designs Decor Moulds, it was a great opportunity to use them too. So here goes!

Take your pumpkin of choice and paint it, using Frenchic! This chalk and mineral based paint can be applied to pretty much any surface and that includes pumpkins! I've used the Lazy range colour Loof - it has a built in wax sealer so no further sealer is required.

Then using the Feathers and Wings IOD Decor Mould and  air dry clay I've made several feathers and wings to add to the pumpkin. These were then attached to it using No More Nails. Once dry I then painted the whole thing again with Frenchic Loof and dried with a hairdryer to speed up the process.

Mixing the Frenchic Frensheen powders is next and I chose a mix of the silver and gold to make an aged gold mixture. The powders were then mixed with clear wax to create a thick gilding wax that I rubbed on to the moulding with my finger tips to ensure that it only hit the high points, leaving the low points black.

So who is going to give it a go? 

If you do, please post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag my page so I can take a look!



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