Kitchen Makeover using Frenchic Al Fresco

Kitchen Makeover using Frenchic Al Fresco
Kitchen Makeover on a Budget - using Frenchic Al Fresco Range
Our kitchens are the one room in the house that gets used and abused on a daily basis. It's the hub, where we all congregate and share food, drink and stories.

It's the one room that estate agents will tell us can help sell a house and it's the one room where it's common place to spend thousands.

But what if you haven't got thousands to spend? Does that mean that you have to put up with an outdated kitchen space? Not any more!

With Frenchic Al Fresco, an indoor/outdoor chalk paint, with a built in waterproof sealer, you can revamp your kitchen quickly  and cheaply!

I've just refreshed mine for a cost of £40, one tin of each colour on 15 cupboard doors, 9 drawers and an island with 3 cupboards and drawers in it too. £40, I know right!

So, how can you do this?... it's an easy process to follow.

First off I'd recommend joining the Frenchic Fan Forum on Facebook. It's a group for the brand, with around 500,000+ members - a lot of them have painted their kitchens, so there's plenty of before and after photos, help and advice to be had.

You can use Al Fresco on almost any surface, so it makes it very versatile. Wood, plastic, stone, metal, upvc, composite it can all be painted.

The most important part of the process is starting with a clean base.

Sugar soap is a fabulous natural cleaner and de-greaser, so give all your units a good scrub down to ensure any grease is removed - paint won't adhere to greasy surfaces, think foundation on a greasy skin!
Previously painted doors
sand flaky doors

If your surface is glossy or very sleek you will need to give it a 'key' by lightly sanding with a medium grit sand paper and if there are any flaky areas from a previous paint covering, like mine, then give them a light sanding over too. 
One note of caution: If it has been previously painted with chalk paint and sealed with wax then you will need to remove the wax with wire wool and white spirit. Do this prior to cleaning with  sugar soap and then you will be ready to go. 
Once done, wipe over with a damp cloth once again to remove any dust.
If you have glass doors that you need to mask off you can do that at this stage.
diy kitchen makeover banbury

Once clean and dry you are ready to paint.
You can use a brush or a foam roller (a roller will use more paint), the choice is yours. I would recommend using a
synthetic brush, its quick and easy to clean with soapy water and remember that there are no toxins or solvents in the paint. I used a 50mm Frenchic Flat Brush for painting mine. 

I removed all the handles but only took the doors off the ones that opened against the end panels.
DIY kitchen makeover Banbury Frenchic Stockist

Frenchic Al Fresco is self priming, self levelling and self sealing so it has everything you need in the tin. It also goes a long way - you'll be surprised how far!

Use light, long, even brush strokes - the first coat always looks a bit pants but don't despair! The magic happens on the second coat and 2 coats is usually enough. Make sure you allow 2 hours between coats to allow the paint to dry underneath as well as on the surface.
I painted this kitchen over a period of 3 days but could have done it in 2, but you!

Over the next 2-3 weeks the paint cures and gets harder so you'll be able to wash it down and carry on with normal life, but now you will have a fabulous 'new' kitchen without spending ££££'s.
Frenchic Al Fresco Swankypants DIY kitchen makeover
Frenchic Al Fresco Steel Teal DIY kitchen makeover

Go check out some before and afters in the FFF.
The Al Fresco colour palette will give you some classy options. You can do it all one colour or, like me, mix it up to create your own unique look.

Don't be daunted by painting your own kitchen. Lots of people have done theirs and you can do it too! What are you waiting for?

Products used:
Frenchic Alfresco Swankypants (cupboards)
Steel Teal (island)
Sugar Soap
If you have any questions just message me via my Facebook Page, I'll be happy to help.
All the products used are available in my shop at either 3 Parsons Street, Banbury, on my unit at Banbury  Antiques Centre or here online, for nationwide posting or click and collect.



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