If the piece you are adhering to is unpainted, make sure it is clean and dry and then adhere the moulding directly onto a flat area. Make sure the back of the moulding and the area it will be glued to are not perfectly smooth and glossy – rough it up with some 120 – 180 grit sandpaper. If the piece you are adhering to is already painted, just give the area a light key with 120 – 240 grit sandpaper before applying

DO NOT stick directly onto chalk paint as the bond is unlikely to remain secure. Always make sure you seal the paint first with a water-based sealer, then give a light key & then adhere Use a good adhesive – our recommendation is either Titebond Quick & Thick or No Nails


So you’ve got your lovely new mouldings and you’re ready to start sticking them onto that piece of furniture that you’ve been itching to get cracking on, only to realise that the piece you’re working on has a curved front! Oh no! You try to convince the moulding to contort to the shape you need but it’s no use, you’re going to snap it if you bend it any harder, and even if you could press it into shape for a moment, how would you hold it in place while the glue sets? Well, fear not. It is very easy to learn how to bend mouldings.

Basically if you do try to bend your moulding once its set hard then you will probably end up snapping it. The key is to apply some gentle heat to the appliqué to make it flexible enough to bend into the shape that you need it to be (using a hairdryer or heat gun). Using masking tape, to hold it in place, it will retain the shape as it cools down. Once it has re-set you can attach it to your project as normal.

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Of course you can use resin and mouldings to make other items too. In the video below I will show you how to bend a moulding to make a trinket tray. Give it a go!