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🌟Caravan Makeover 🌟

A mundane to modern caravan makeover even Mrs Hinch would be proud of! Frenchic Fan Forum member, Katie Palmer, has completed her caravan makeover and just in time for summer! ❤️

Caravan interior painted with Frenchic Al Fresco Paint

Using bright white shade 'Dazzle Me', jet black shade 'Blackjack' and our class act cool grey shade 'Swanky Pants', all from the durable and hardwearing Al Fresco Inside/ Outside range.

Caravan interior painted with Frenchic Al Fresco indoor/outdoor paint

It has totally transformed the caravan into a modern and welcoming home from home.

If you're in two minds about modernising your caravan... I think we just gave you your answer. 😉

Interior of a caravan before it's makeover
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