Creating a glaze using Frenchic products

Creating a glaze using Frenchic products

How to mix and apply a glaze over painted furniture

If you want to give your creative projects a little something extra, another layer, depth and dimension, then a glaze is a great way to achieve that goal.

You can do this easily by mixing together the colour of your choice from the Frenchic Paint ranges with their Finishing Coat. A rough 50/50 mix will help extend the drying time of the paint and enable you to manipulate it.

On the project in the video, I have used Frenchic Al fresco range paint. This has a built in waterproof sealer. If you are using a traditional chalk paint then I would advise you seal it first with Finishing Coat. This will protect your painted surface and ensure that the base coat isn't removed by the glaze.


I have also used the glaze to 'stain' the stripped back wooden surface. It's exactly the same mix, I've just opened up the wood grai by spraying with water first. Whilst it's still damp apply the glaze and use a wet cloth to remove the excess. Keep layering until you reach the depth of colour required. You can leave this as is or pop another layer of Finishing Coat or wax over the top for added protection.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and go and give it a try!

Frenchic constance moss blackjack mixFrenchic glaze

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