Frenchic Brushes

Frenchic Brushes are handcrafted in Italy and currently there are four sizes of oval paintbrush (62, 50 45 and 27mm) plus two sizes of waxing brushes, a blending brush and a small stencil brush. If you're painting or waxing with Frenchic then you need the right tools to do the job and these are they!
The oval paint brushes are made of 70% natural fibre and 30% synthetic fibre (to retain their shape). The beauty of these brushes is that they have superior paint pick up per dip, they can paint as smoothly as you wish, they don't plume and they don't have bristle loss and they retain their shape washing up well after each wash. (I use washing up liquid working into a lather, hotter water on the waxing brushes, rinse and squeeze out and wrap in kitchen roll to dry naturally lying on their sides).
They retail at significantly less expensive prices than other leading brands on the market without compromising on the quality.
The waxing brushes are slighter stiffer being made of 50% natural fibre and 50% synthetic - this makes them more stubbly and able to apply wax in all the nooks and crannies but also to be able to sweep wax onto a piece with minimal effort! (infact, you should be able to wax up a dresser in under 10 minutes as these guys make the job so easy!). They are nice and fat and chunky to sit in your hand as you wax and make waxing a boring, smelly and nasty thing of the past!
The flat brushes in the range are totally synthetic and are therefore Vegan friendly. They can be washed out in warm water.
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