Using Frenchic Furniture Paint

Q – How long does the paint take to dry?  How long should I wait before waxing after painting?
A – It depends on the temperature in the room, but mostly the paint will dry within 1/2 hour
Q – How do I know whether to use Frenchic Wax or Frenchic Finishing Coat?
A – It depends on what you are doing and the look you would like to achieve. Finishing Coat (3 coats, applied with a kitchen sponge, for maximum protection) will give you a durable top coat that you can wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Wax, although durable, is more of a fine furniture finish.
Q – Can I use other sealers like polyurethane on this paint?
A – Yes you can
Q – Can I repaint over a previously waxed piece?
A – It is best to lightly sand your furniture to remove the wax before repainting.
Q – Do I need to prep before painting with Frenchic paint?
A – Yes. Always clean your piece before painting to give a good base, especially if painting a vintage piece of furniture. Nicotine, old polish etc needs to be cleaned with a natural cleaner like sugar soap. 
Q – Do I need to sand or prime?
A – In most cases, no. However, if you are painting something shiny, for best adhesion a light hand sand would be recommended. If you are using a white or a cream Frenchic paint onto a dark wood or one that has a tendency to ‘bleed’ through then using Frenchic Finishing Coat will help prevent bleed and give a good base before painting.
Q – Can I use Finishing Coat over wax?
A – No.  Think alphabetically, W for Wax is always the last to be applied. You can wax on top of Finishing Coat.  Not the other way around.

Q –Can I paint outdoor furniture?
A – Frenchic is primarily an indoor decorative furniture paint and is a natural product that will absorb water. However, it will withstand the elements if three coats of Finishing Coat are applied letting thoroughly dry between coats. An outdoor range is being launched in Spring 2017!
Q – Can I make Frenchic paint thinner?
A – Yes. But it is always best to pour the paint into another container and then add water so as to not contaminate the contents of the can.
Q – Can Frenchic paint be mixed to create different colours and hues?
A – Absolutely!  Although Frenchic currently offer 45 lush colours, you can increase the pallet by mixing colours together.
Q – What is the shelf life of the products?
A – The paint and the wax have a shelf life of a year. The Finishing Coat is 6 months.
Q – How do I look after my finished piece of painted furniture?
A – If you have waxed, simply dust with a soft cloth, do not use liquid polish. You can even add a small amount of Frenchic clear wax onto a clean duster to buff out any surface scratches. If the piece was finished with Frenchic Finishing Coat, wiping with a damp cloth is acceptable. Avoid scrubbing sponges as it will scratch or remove your finish. However, continue to think of your finished piece as fine furniture and use coasters, place mats and table cloths as needed.

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