Frenchic Al Fresco Outdoor Chalk Paint

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Frenchic Al Fresco Garden Paint has arrived at Doodledash.

This unique outdoor chalk paint has been specifically designed to get fabulous colour into your garden and will cover wood, plastic, pots, metal, masonary, aluminium garage doors and upvc too! Just 2 coats of this fabulously smooth outdoor chalk paint and its ready for use.

Frenchic Al Fresco chalk paint

Frenchic Al Fresco FAQs

Q:Do I need to seal the paint?

A: No. This is an all in one paint…you just paint and go!

Q: Can AF paint rabbit hutches etc safely? 
A: Yes, it is EN:71-3 certified (childsafe)
Q: What is AF's durability in extreme climates?
A: Good! It has been thoroughly tested at extreme temperatures both hot and cold.
Q: Can AF paint masonry?
A: Yes!
Q: Can AF be painted onto wooden furniture and fencing having been treated with woodstain or linseed type oils?
A: Yes, providing it has 'weathered'. Paint directly onto the wood.
Q: Can I paint my garage doors/UPVC front door and metal garden furniture?
A: Yes! If it is already painted, give it a quick sand to rid of debris and to key and then paint away. If you have bare or new unpainted metal, then use a quick coat of FC to prime.
Q: Can I paint terracotta pots and put plants and water?
A: Yes!
Q: Can I paint plastic garden furniture etc?
A: Yes, a quick sand to key then paint.
Q: Does the paint crack when painted on plastic items like plastic garden chairs?
A: No! This is your flexible friendly paint and will flex quite happily!
Q: Can I use my Frenchic brushes to use on fencing etc?
A: You can - or any brush for that matter. Just wash under a warm tap after use.

Frenchic unique exterior chalk paint, specifically developed to transform and protect outside wooden furniture but will paint masonry, painted garage doors, UPVC, plastic garden furniture etc. Will cover in two coats but leave to dry in good weather conditions (ie not in rain). It is washable with up to 6 years performance before the first maintenance. Plain/bare metal or steel will need a coat of FC to prevent rusting and UPVC and plastic a quick sand to key. Untreated redwood, cedar, mahogany that have resin filled knots will need a coat of FC. Brushes washed normally with warm tap water and a washing up liquid. Very low VOC (to weatherproof and prevent mould) and is breathable and of course weatherproof.. EN:71-3 certified (childsafe). Hard wearing and no stirring or shaking or adding water.                 

 Contact Debs at Doodledash Interiors for further info or to place an order. 07527 229739


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